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Quintura Search at Download.com!

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Posted by: Quintura @ 13:37 [11. 01. 06]

To start creating, personalizing, and sharing your mini search engines (search scopes) check Download.com where Quintura Search was listed today!

Here is the software’s description:
Quintura Search offers a visual map of tags or hints contextually related to your search query. Adding or subtracting tags from the query using a mouse click, “One-Click-Search”, allows to specify the context or meaning of the query.

Using Quintura Search, you can:


create a personalized search scope using tags related to a search query,

— make search scope more specific and personalize the scope by adding or subtracting tags using a visual map,

— refine search results removing search links or Web sites from the result list,

— save the search scope as a file and share it with others, and

— monitor new information becoming available on the Web related to your personal interest.

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