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Quintura — what’s next?

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Posted by: Quintura @ 12:05 [18. 01. 06]

What’s new you can expect in the next version of Quintura Seach to be out soon!


Easier field searching
The users of Quintura Search are eager to build more complex search queries that are more specific to their interests. To meet this demand, we are going to add an advanced search feature.


Project manager
Quintura Search 1.0 helps create search scopes or simple search projects based on context-based search queries. You are easily able to save your search projects on a search topic and use the projects wherever you require relevant information. Many users who like this feature would like to also easily share the search scopes. The project manager will give you a tool to share and exchange the created search scopes online.


New in user interface
Based on your feedback, we will introduce a more user-friendly interface of Quintura Search .

You can currently create and save a search scope. In the next version you will:

Utilize new features to better handle search scopes;

Have better tools to create personalized search scopes on a visual map; and

Use new tools to create user communities.

Online search
We are developing and testing a visual context-based online search with personalization, search scope creation, user communities, and other innovative features.
Why don’t you start creating personal search scopes on your personal computer with Quintura Seach now and use them online then?