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“Never wonder again with Quintura mapping buddy”

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Posted by: Quintura @ 15:14 [20. 01. 06]

Check this cool article “Taking Directions” of how to navigate on the Web by David Shamah at Jerusalem Post.

Here is an abstract from the article: “How about a Web search engine for right brainers that will free you from Internet blah blah? Instead of a jungle of Web sites you have to ferret through in order to find what you’re look ting for, it would be so much easier if you had a “map” where you could narrow down your search without having to click through dozens of pages of results! If you’ve had enough of staring at endless search result pages, download Quintura Search, which will reinterpret results returned by major search engines and map them out in order to let you narrow down what it is you’re looking for.

Check this innovative Web search system out: You type a term into the Quintura search box as you would in the Google or Yahoo search bar. But where you would get a list of sites on the search engine result bar, Quintura gives you a visual map of keywords associated with the term you typed in, based on the results returned by the search engine you’re using (you can choose to search via Google, Yahoo, Google News, MSN Search and others). Move your mouse onto the word that helps you narrow down the data you’re looking for and click on it; the new term becomes part of your search and you can narrow things down even further.

For example, typing in the term “search engines” generates a map with words like meta, directory, placement, submission, reference, international, etc. Click on one of those results and you get more keywords associated with both “search engines” (your original request) and, say, “reference.” Clicking on yet another keyword that appears “education” comes up with the Search 22 site (http://www.search-22.com/kids) which appears only on page seven of a Google search for “search engines!”

Would I have bothered to go to page seven of a regular Google search? With my new Quintura mapping buddy, I’ll never have to wonder again.”