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Italian Weekend at Quintura

Files under: Inside View, News, Search Cases, Web 2.0
Posted by: Quintura @ 09:38 [10. 03. 06]

Since recent release of a new version, Quintura Search has entered new geographical markets becoming very popular in Italy (Punto Informatico) and Norway (digi.no). Should we call it an Italian weekend at our web-site? And was yesterday a Norwegian day then?! Quintura is now both a cool visual search interface for searching via any search engine (you have more than 20 ones to choose from) and easy tool for creating a search scope. Here comes a viral marketing! Why don’t you create a scope for Italian cuisine or sports cars and then email it to your friends? So they could share your findings on the Web.

What else’s new? Quintura Search now features contextual ads that dynamically change together with a set of search results when you change a search query pointing to a new word on the visual map! Quintura online search is being extensively tested by our development team and scheduled for a public launch in early April. We will also have some exciting news soon that should expedite our developments. Stay tuned and thank you for a feedback and continuous support of our innovations!