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Meet The Russian Blogosphere

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Posted by: Quintura @ 13:39 [26. 11. 07]

The average Russian blogger is a 22 year old female who makes 6 blog posts and 18 comments per month.

According to a recent study by Yandex, there are 3.1 million Russian blogs or 3% of total blogs globally. Some 30% of Russian blogs are regularly updated. More than 60% of Russian bloggers are female and more than 70% of bloggers live in Russia. By merging this data with a number of Internet users in Russia, one will imply that 15% of Russian Internet users have blogs.

Yandex Blog Search indexes both Russian blogs and forum comments and provides various blog rankings. See below the homepage of Yandex Blog Search.

Yandex Blog Search

The rankings include most popular posts, topics of the day, blogging platform ranking, blogger ranking, blogger community ranking, most discussed topics, and popular tags. 75% of all Russian blogs are hosted by LiveInternet.ru, LiveJournal.com, Blogs@Mail.ru, Diary.ru, and LovePlanet.ru.

7 thousand new blogs are created and 210 thousand new blog posts are made every day. 45% of bloggers belong to at least one community, of which most popular are entertainment (cinema, music, going out, looking for friends), technology, and hobby (design, photography, and arts).

For more details on the state of the Russian blogosphere, please download a report from Yandex’s web-site.