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SUP Acquires LiveJournal From SixApart

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Posted by: Quintura @ 07:52 [3. 12. 07]

The Russian online media company SUP moves abroad by buying-out the LiveJournal blogging platform from SixApart.

Update: According to Kommersant business daily newspaper, SUP paid about $30 million for LiveJournal.

SUPLiveJournal has 14 million user accounts of which more than 1 million are in Russia. SUP first entered into a licensing agreement with SixApart to manage the LiveJournal community in Russia in October 2006.

SUP, which was founded in the summer 2006, includes:

- LiveJournal.ru, one of most popular blogging platform and social network in Russia;

- Championat.ru, a leading sports news and entertainment site in the Russian internet;

- +SOL, a media sales house that is SUP’s internal commercial department and also sells online advertising for a number of Russian and international sites such as Yahoo!, Last.fm, The Times, etc.:

- Victory, a full-service online advertising agency that developes online marketing campaigns for leading Russian and international brands.