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Quintura Named Search Engine of the Year

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Posted by: Quintura @ 11:40 [4. 12. 07]

AltSearchEngines, a popular blog from the Read/WriteWeb blog network, has named Quintura the Alternative Search Engine of the Year, 2007.


Charles Knight, editor of AltSearchEngines, explains: “[Last] Saturday Quintura began their new ad campaign “We are not afraid of Google!” Now that may just be bravado, and I’m sure that all 10 finalists would say that they are not afraid of Google, either, but only Quintura has made it an explicit corporate slogan!…

… Quintura’s accomplishments are well documented on this and many other blogs and media outlets, and now they have injected a little emotion into the mix. That’s Alternative Search Engine pride, and that’s what resonates most with me. It’s not the only reason they were chosen, obviously, but it was just enough to tip the needle!”

Update: Quintura joined a debate – Tag search vs. Tab search on AltSearchEngines.com the next day after the announcement of the award where you could read some insights why Quintura is the winner.

Here is a list of ten finalists from AltSearchEngines.com:

1. Quintura

2. Answers.com

3. Exalead

4. Omgili

5. KoolTorch

6. GoshMe

7. AfterVote

8. KartOO

9. Dialogus

10. Onkosh

Please leave your comment regarding the award on AltSearchEngines.

Disclosure: I am President & CEO of Quintura.