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Is TechCrunch In Russia Taken Over By Cyber Squatter?

Files under: Inside View, News, Tech, Web 2.0
Posted by: Quintura @ 02:09 [30. 01. 08]

Being the fastest growing online nation in Europe, the Russian Internet is making headlines by re-producing almost every popular Western web service. See my list of Top Web Sites & Apps of 2007 in Russia.

Richard MacManus of ReadWriteWeb recently raised an issue of ‘Brand’ Squatting on his blog.

TechCrunch.ru And now it looks like TechCrunch.ru uses a TechCrunch visual identity and publishes the Russian translations of articles from TechCrunch without any permission.

According to RU-Center, Techcrunch.ru is registered by a Russian who used to blog about web services on the other blog. Starting from January 25, he translates articles from TechCrunch into Russian and publishes them on TechCrunch.ru.

What will Michael Arrington of TechCrunch and the others do next to go about this kind of an issue?


The Russian web users do have an original source of information about new web services. The most popular blog that covers this topic is Internetno.net. Its editors produce original content about web technologies and startups in both Russia and abroad. The site has seven thousand RSS subscribers and over three thousand daily unique visitors.