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Get Your Favicon on Quintura.com by Embedding Quintura Search Widget

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Posted by: Quintura @ 16:21 [13. 03. 08]

Quintura, a visual-based search engine for browsing and discovery-type search has launched a special offer Happy Spring! for web publishers and owners of web-sites and blogs that will embed Quintura search widget. The new offer from Quintura shall bring additional visitors to participating sites and increase their brand awareness. It is available on http://special.quintura.com

The new offer from Quintura shall deliver the following advantages to site and blog owners.

  • Bring additional visitors: Any site or blog can now attract additional visitors from Quintura.com who can see its site’s favorite icon (favicon) in the Quintura search cloud. By clicking the favicon, the searchers on Quintura.com will go to the web-site or blog.
  • Increase brand awareness: The favicon is a part of any site’s visual identity. It is more catchy than text and thus brings additional attention to the site.

After embedding Quintura search widget to its site, a site owner can select a keyword related to the site and display a favorite icon (favicon) next to the selected keyword in the search cloud on Quintura.com for a week.

The favicon will have direct hyperlink to the site. When someone makes a search for a topic related to context of the selected keyword, both keyword and favicon will be displayed in the Quintura search cloud on Quintura.com.

The new offer Happy Spring! from Quintura is available on http://special.quintura.com

About Quintura

Quintura is a visual-based search engine for browsing and discovery-type search. Quintura has won the Alternative Search Engine of the Year, 2007 award from AltSearchEngines.com. Quintura was featured in both International and Russian editions of Newsweek in November 2007. The company is currently backed by Mangrove Capital Partners, the first institutional investors in Skype. Quintura has software development operations in the Moscow region of Russia.

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