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Quintura Powers ReadWriteWeb Site Search. Who Is Next?

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Posted by: Quintura @ 13:59 [1. 04. 08]

Quintura powers site search on ReadWriteWeb, a top 10 Technorati-ranked blog, starting from today, the first Annual Day without Google. Please check the Quintura site search widget in the right sidebar on ReadWriteWeb. The widget shall deliver more page-views to Richard MacManus, the publisher of ReadWriteWeb and increase loyalty of its site visitors.

As an example of a brand advertisement, we have embedded a graphical ad (ReadWriteWeb favicon) next to a keyword in the widget’s search cloud. By clicking the favicon next to keyword “search” in the cloud, the searchers will go to a post about top 100 alternative search engines on ReadWriteWeb.

Quintura recently launched a special offer Happy Spring! for web publishers and content owners that will embed Quintura search widget

After embedding the widget to its site, a content owner can select a keyword related to the site and display a favorite icon (favicon) next to the selected keyword in the search cloud on Quintura.com for a week.The favicon will have direct hyperlink to the site. When someone makes a search for a topic related to context of the selected keyword, both keyword and favicon will be displayed in the Quintura search cloud on Quintura.com.

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