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Yandex Tops Yahoo! and Microsoft in Europe

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Posted by: Quintura @ 06:49 [12. 05. 08]

The leading Russian search engine Yandex was ranked 3rd in Europe ahead of both Yahoo! Sites and Microsoft Sites with 528 million or 2.2 percent of European searches in March 2008, according to a study of European search rankings from comScore.

In spite of Google‘s dominance in Europe with 19.4 billion searches or 79,2 percent out of 24.6 billion searches, comScore says that the Eastern European search properties “will likely to gain traction and grow market shares”.

The Polish online properties Nasza-Klasa.pl and QXL Ricardo were ranked ranked 6th and 7th, with 1.3 percent and 1.2 percent searches, respectively, while the Russian portal and search engine Rambler was ranked 10th with 0.5 percent of European searches.

In February 2008, Yandex reached 62% of Russian internet audience with more than 47% of all searches conducted in Russia, followed by Google, Rambler, and Mail.ru.

Russia is expected to become the second largest Internet market in Europe by the end 2008 with online advertising spending forecasted to double in 2008.

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One Response to «Yandex Tops Yahoo! and Microsoft in Europe»

  1. 1 Hanna Quintura @ 06:49 [12. 05. 08]

    Well, I think this result is predictable. Yandex had became a kind of Internet culture in Russia. And thus, it will have significant shares due to tremendously growing Runet.