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Russian Private Equity Firm Invests In Italian WiMAX operator

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Posted by: Quintura @ 19:28 [23. 05. 08]

The Russian private equity firm ICON Private Equity together with Goldman Sachs and consortium of private investors acquired a majority stake in AriaDSL, an Italian telecom operator that holds WiMAX licenses to operate across Italy for $100 million from the Israeli billionaire Davidi Gilo, reported business daily Vedomosti. Each investor paid approximately one-third of the transaction amount

In March 2008, AriaDSL was the biggest winner in the Italian WiMAX auction by securing licenses in all Italian regions for a total payment of EUR 47.5 million. In April 2008, AriaDSL signed a collaboration agreement with BT Italy where AriaDSL will provide BT with wireless services to enhance BT’s offering of corporate telecoms solutions, while BT will help AriaDSL to develop its network and customer offerings.

ICON Private Equity has some $1 billion in private equity under management. The firm has offices in Moscow, Russia and Kyiv, Ukraine.

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