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Social Network Vkontakte Named Top Russian Web Site

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Posted by: Quintura @ 19:39 [13. 06. 08]

The leading Russian social networking site Vkontakte has been named top Russian web-site, in the list of top ten Web 2.0 sites in Russia reported by an Eastern European advisory firm GoalEurope, based on data collected by Alexa.

VkontakteVkontakte, which was started as a copycat of Facebook by two brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov in St. Petersburg in fall 2006, has become the most-visited web-site in Russia and Ukraine less than one year after launch. The site has over 13 million registered accounts and more than 600 million page-views per day.

Vkontakte is the most popular video, photo, and audio hosting and sharing web-site in Russia and the CIS countries, with over 400 thousand video files, 300 thousand audio files, and 2.3 million photos uploaded daily.

In a recent comScore ranking of top Russian web-sites, Vkontakte showed the strongest engagement among visitors of all top Russian web properties. The visitors of Vkontakte.ru spent an average 7.5 hours on the site in February 2008, which is several times more than the visitors of any other site.

Top ten Russian web 2.0 sites include two social networks (Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki.ru), three search engines and portals (Mail.ru, Yandex and Rambler), three blogging platforms (LiveInternet, LiveJournal, and Diary.ru), a video sharing site (Smotri.com) and dating site (Loveplanet).

Here is a list of the other top Web 2.0 sites in Russia:

2. Mail.ru

The the leading Russian web mail portal that also includes other social networking features.

Mail.ru has over 5 million daily users. The company, which is co-owned by Naspers, is expected to do IPO in London in 2008.

3. Yandex

Yandex The leading Russian search engine Yandex also has free webmail, web hosting, social networking, and other portal services.

Yandex topped both Yahoo! and Microsoft with 528 million (or 2.2 percent of European searches) in March 2008, according to comScore. Yandex reaches over 62% of Russian internet audience with more than 47% of all searches conducted in Russia, followed by Google, Rambler, and Mail.ru.

Yandex reported revenues of $167 million in 2007.

4. Odnoklassniki.ru

The largest Russian social networking site by number of registered accounts. It has over 18 million registered accounts and 6 million daily users.

Odnoklassniki.ru reported revenues of $3.3 million in Q1 2008, including $3 million from display (banner) advertising and $0.3 million from contextual advertising. The company is expected to generate revenue of $30 million in 2008 and obtain 10% share of display advertising market in Russia by the end of 2008.

The co-owners of both Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki.ru recently acquired a majority of the leading social network in Poland, Nasza-Klasa.pl.

5. Rambler

Rambler The 2nd largest Russian search engine with over 250 million monthly searches.

The site offers portal services: email, photo and video sharing, dating and games as well as operates the most popular IM service in Russia – Rambler ICQ.

6. LiveInternet

LiveInternet The most popular blogging site that includes email, dating, file sharing, site ratings and statistics. See a recent report on the state of the Russian blogosphere for more details regarding top blogging platforms in Russia.

7. LiveJournal

The Russian business of LiveJournal with 1.4 million registered accounts and 12 million posts per month.

8. Loveplanet

The leading dating website in Russia with over 11 million registered accounts. Loveplanet is owned by RBC Information Systems.

The Russian online dating market was valued at $21 million 2007.

9. Smotri.com

Smotri.comThe most-visited Russian video sharing website (and 2nd after YouTube in Russia) with 300 thousand daily users. which is owned by RBC Information Systems.

10. Diary.ru

Diary.ruthe blogging site where bloggers can form communities.

NB: The Russian version of the Quintura search engine, Quintura.ru, was featured in the report as one of “interesting ideas in Russian web 2.0 space” that operates “a new generation search engine using tag-based search and is optimized for Russian lanaguage.


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