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How We Will Win Against Google

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Posted by: Quintura @ 10:23 [17. 06. 08]

Betsy Schifmann of the Epicenter blog on Wired.com raises a question on how long Google will dominate search.

She says that there must be room for improvement and that is explained by a massive number of search start-ups. She also mentions Chris Sherman of Search Engine Land who notices that “if you’re looking for a specific piece of in formation, sometimes it[Google]‘s not quite as good… The opportunity lies in disruptive technologies that Google probably won’t develop because it’s perceived as too risky.”

On the other hand, Bernard Lunn of ReadWriteWeb profiled 11 trends that may disrupt Google. I think that he misses one more. quintura-search-widget-on-readwriteweb.PNG

Search is a utility now and a winner is that one who can establish an emotional connection between search and user, i.e. make searching more than utility. The one who can engage users in a new emotional environment to be much more than search.. We at Quintura have been doing this since first product we released to the market.

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