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LiveJournal Reveals New Ad Format And Expands in India

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Posted by: Quintura @ 14:01 [11. 08. 08]

The most popular blog service in Russia, LiveJournal, which is owned by SUP, has revealed a new format for display advertisments on its Russian news blog. Being the 5th most-visited site in Moscow (according to TNS Web Index), the company is looking for more effective ways to monetize its audience.

LiveJournal will no longer sell top header and sidebar banner advertisements. Instead, it will display a 300×250 pixels banner ad under the first article in a journal as well as horizontal banner at the bottom of the page.

The company also said that it increased load speed of static page elements by utilizing Content Delivery Network technique. It plans to significantly improve site search including searching by friend names, email addresses, tags, etc. LiveJournal is ordering new web servers in its U.S.-based data center as well as hiring web developers and ad managers in California.

LiveJournal is also expanding in India by launching a story-telling contest, QuickTales with Caferati, one of India’s most well-known literary communities.

LiveJournal has more than 1.5 million registered accounts in Russia and 8 million monthly users. Its active members make more than 2 million blog posts per month or 31% of total posts in the Russian blogosphere.

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