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Yandex vs. Google: Russian Chronicles

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Posted by: Quintura @ 01:03 [2. 09. 08]

Билборд создан по технологии Яндекса.

It wasn’t a long ago when Google was doing a bench advertising in Moscow to build brand awareness in Russia. In a much bigger response, the leading Russian search engine Yandex has launched an outdoor advertising campaign called “Any Questions?” The idea behind is that answers to any questions can be found on Yandex. The campaign is taking place both on billboards and in subway in major Russian cities. On the company’s web-site, anyone can create its own billboard (see above the one that we created here).

The two major search engines in Russia keep beefing up their product portfolios. Google launched a classifieds search in Russia while Yandex released an instant messaging (IM) client Я.Онлайн (“I’m Online”). The IM client software is based on Jabber protocol and available for download on computers with MS Windows XP or Vista. The software is compatible with user accounts, both on Yandex and on other Jabber-based services including QIP, GMail and LiveJournal.

While the market keeps speculating about Yandex IPO, the company does not comment on its plans of going public.

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