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Russian Online Video Advertising Market: Small But Grows Strongly

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Posted by: Quintura @ 15:12 [25. 09. 08]

In spite of a multi-million daily usage of Russian online video sharing sites such as Rutube, Video@Mail.ru, Smotri.com, Rambler Vision, the Russian online video advertising market accounted for only 1 percent of display advertising spending in Russia in the first half of 2008.


We at Quintura also tried in-video advertising by sponsoring a cartoon produced by designer Oleg Kuvaev of Mult.ru back in March 2008. We placed the Quintura banner in the flash-based cartoon before & after the video. The return on this investment was strong – several thousand users were referred to Quintura.ru, the Russian version of the Quintura search engine.

According to digital advertising agency AdWatch, the Russian online video advertising accounted for 30 million rubles ($1.2 million) in the first half of 2008, reported newspaper RBC Daily. Video banners accounted for more than 50% of total spending. The other online video advertising formats included video pre-roll/post-roll, in-video banners, in-video product placement, and video player branding. Rambler Vision was first to introduce video contextual advertising in June 2008. The online video sharing market players are in the process of testing different advertising formats, the daily assumed.

The Russian online video advertising market is expected to grow to 87 million rubles ($3.5 million) in 2008. The video advertising shall account for less than 1 percent of total Internet advertising market in Russia in 2008.

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