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Rambler Launches Massive Ad Campaign

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Posted by: Quintura @ 00:03 [14. 10. 08]

Having agreed selling contextual ads service Begun and outsourcing the most of its search engine activities to Google, the leading Russian internet company Rambler Media is launching a massive outdoor and television advertising campaign with a goal of doubling its current daily audience and becoming number one online destination in Russia within one year. Rambler‘s ranked 5th by daily reach in Russia with just under 3 million users, after Mail.ru, Yandex, Odnoklassniki.ru, and Vkontakte, according to TNS Web Index.

The advertising campaign, which’s valued at $5 million for October – November 2008, is the largest ever in the Russian internet history, according to computer news site Compulenta. For example, the recent ad campaign by Google was smaller by an order of magnitude. Rambler first announced its new vision of creating “Russia’s leading open gateway to the Web and becoming Russia’s favorite homepage” last February.

Rambler launched a new homepage last week. The homepage offers a more clean and streamlined design and includes integration of Netivibes and other external services.

The Russian internet gossip site Roem.ru has captured a Rambler billboard on the streets of Moscow (see it to the left) and posted it, ironically, on Yandex.Fotki, a photo sharing site of Rambler‘s competitor, Yandex. The ad, which was put together by BBDO, could be translated as “How does your day begin? All the very new today… Rambler, drive of of your day.

Rambler Media recently reported its revenues were up 152 percent year-on-year in the first half of 2008. It also launched a movie download service and sponsored the Russian Football Cup to drive usage of its services.

Update: Yahoo! has launched an ad campaign to attract users to its search engine. To compare Yahoo!’s costs of acquiring a new user with Rambler’s ones, it will be good to know how much Yahoo! is investing into its campaign.

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