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Begun Offers New Way To Monetize Photo Sharing Sites

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Posted by: Quintura @ 17:36 [29. 10. 08]

Having escaped from Google’s acquisition, the leading Russian contextual advertising company Begun continues offering new ways to monetize multimedia online content. In June 2008, Begun launched video contextual advertisements via Begun.VideoContext that were first introduced on video sharing online community Rambler Vision. Now the company is launching a new monetization option for photo sharing websites with photo contextual advertisement offering called Begun.Photocontext.

The new monetization opportunity should be a relief for numerous amount of photo sharing websites that has struggled so far to generate any substantial revenues from their user base.

The text ad appears at the bottom of a photo when user mouses over it.

Ads are targeted according to user behavior, photo tags and context of photo category on the site.

The first sites introduced Begun’s photo contextual ads include Photofile.ru and Mobbit.info

The new service is available to all advertisers who use Begun.

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One Response to «Begun Offers New Way To Monetize Photo Sharing Sites»

  1. 1 Dwight Zahringer Quintura @ 17:36 [29. 10. 08]

    Contextual advertising will allow many newspapers & traditional media outlets that relied on display advertising to generate revenue, a new form of income. It’s important that they realize that they need services like Begun and LinkXL.com to compensate for lost revenues and offer relevant ads in content. Good post.