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Quintura lays out more Quintura Site Search features

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Posted by: Quintura @ 12:33 [6. 11. 08]

So far, more than 1,500 online publishers have registered to use Quinturas visual-based site search solution reaching a monthly audience of more than 10 million site visitors. The newly registered publishers include a leading cooking website in Russia, Gotovim Doma (Cook at Home) and consumer magazine site Women Secrets.

We at Quintura (www.affiliates.quintura.com) today announce the debut of several new features of Quintura Site Search to maximize user experience and performance and to enhance back-end site search analytics for publishing affiliates.

These new tools make Quintura‘s visual-based site search more dynamic and interactive than ever for site users. The online publishers now have a competitive advantage by being given up-to-the-minute analytics and control over their site search capabilities.

Quintura features a Search Cloud, a dynamic cloud of related search terms or tags to easily refine or narrow down a search query. The Quintura’s site search solution has been enhanced with several new tools to better serve online web publishers.

  • Search Cloud in Adobe Flash – The Quintura search cloud has been enhanced with the Flash technology to create a more dynamic user interaction.
  • Search Cloud Customization – Web publishers can now customize the Quintura search cloud on their site, utilizing new layout options and the ability to pre-populate the search cloud with desired search terms or content.
  • Improved Site Search AnalyticsQuintura is the only site search platform that offers real time analytics for online editors, including queries, volume of results, term rankings and click-through-results. This data can now be further sorted using a term or date filter, and can also be displayed graphically.

Quintura Site Search is a free, hosted site search for web publishers through an advertising revenue sharing agreement, and is also available on a subscription basis.

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