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Quintura Launches First Ad Campaign in its Search Cloud Widgets

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Posted by: Quintura @ 13:52 [7. 11. 08]

Having become a major visual-based site search engine for women-centric sites in Russia, Quintura reaches a multi-million online female audience, which represents a very attractive market for online advertisers from consumer goods and shopping companies.

After releasing new features this week to maximize user experience and search widget performance, we at Quintura have launched an advertising campaign for online shopping club KupiVIP.ru in the Quintura search cloud widgets.

The campaign, which is targeted at those people who love designer shopping, is being run on major Russian women-centric portals such as Passion.ru and Cosmo.ru.

When a site user mouse over a branded icon of “V” next to a keyword/search term in the Quintura search cloud on a publisher site, the contextual banner advertisement will pop up with a logo and promotional information of KupiVIP.ru. The advertisement is hyper-linked to the KupiVIP.ru registration page.

So far, the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) for the ads was more than 30 percent.

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