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Quintura Does ‘Vertical’ Search Across Sites

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Posted by: Quintura @ 01:00 [27. 11. 08]

We are getting news that Yahoo! BOSS has launched so called ‘vertical lens‘ for search across your site categories or group of your sites. We at Quintura have already implemented this on several publisher networks of web-sites. As a result, Quintura‘s hosted site search significantly increases user engagement in search resulting in more page views and clicks through images and banners in its search cloud.

Here is a ‘vertical’ search for several sites on Cosmopiltan magazine site Cosmo.ru or women-centric network site Luxemag. You can select searching on a particular site by clicking a respective tab above the Quintura-powered search cloud on one of those sites.

The advantages that Quintura Site Search brings to online publishers as compared to Yahoo! BOSS include:

Visual ‘Search Cloud’ Display

Search queries create a highly engaging visual Search Clouddisplay, that enables your viewers to quickly refine their search using their computer mouse

‘Vertical’ search cloud-based search across all of your sites to keep site users in your scope of sites

Editorial Tools

Place Icons, Images, and Banners in your Search Cloud to make site content compelling and easier to discover

Search analytics showing popular searches and result clicks, up to the minute

Easy Set up and Maintenance

It takes minutes to create your own site search on Quintura Affiliate Portal (http://affiliates.quintura.com)

Quick and easy widget customization according to site lay-out and colors.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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