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Quintura Offers New Tools For Web Publishers to Boost Click-Through-Rates

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Posted by: Quintura @ 19:38 [9. 12. 08]

Today, we are announcing new tools and features of our hosted, visual-based site search and analytics solution, Quintura Site Search. The new features, which shall help online publishers to boost Click-Through-Rates (CTR) on both banners and search result links, include:

- Search Cloud Images: a new interface enables web publishers to embed images and banners (i.e. brand logos and advertisements) in the search cloud. When users mouse over an icon or search term, it expands into a banner, dramatically increasing the click-through rate in tests.

- Icon Blink: To attract users to images within the search cloud, we offer publishers customizable special effects, including blinking icons, to help boost Click-Through -Rates.

- Standalone Search Bar Option: The stand-alone search bar enables publishers to link Quintura Site Search to a separate web-page, so that when search terms are entered, a new window opens, displaying the full-range of search results.

- Color Customization – Additional color options allow web publishers to customize all aspects of the site search display, to match their web-site.

- Language Localization – We added French, Italian and Spanish morphology engines, in addition to the existing English, German, and Russian systems, producing more contextually accurate search results in a variety of languages and geographical locations.

Quintura Site Search is free for web publishers through an advertising revenue-sharing agreement and is also available on a subscription basis.

We have also updated Quintura Kids on www.quinturakids.com.

It is a safe, fun and easy-to-use search destination for younger internet users with Christmassy design.

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