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Quintura Named Top 10 Alternative Search Engine 2008

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Posted by: Quintura @ 01:25 [20. 12. 08]

In December 2007, Quintura was named the Alternative Search Engine of the Year 2007 by AltSearchEngines.com. Today, Charles Knight, the editor of AltSearchEngines, has named Quintura a Top 10 Alternative Search Engine of 2008.

Charles Knight explains:

“When you search with Quintura, you see a two-dimensional (i.e. not a list) tag cloud.

The other words in the box are there to allow you to explore concepts related to your specific query. See something you hadn’t thought of? Click on it and the cloud re-orients itself around that new term. You can delete extraneous terms as well. But don’t worry, they also provide a traditional list for you – just in case.

Quintura is also now available in several language “flavors” as well!

Content publishers should also investigate Quintura for possible use on their sites.”

The list of Top 10 Alternative Search Engines of 2008 (in alphabetical order) includes ChaCha, CoolIris, SearchMe, Viewzi, Faroo, KallOut, Kosmix, Mednar, Quintura, SeeqPod, Surfcanyon, and Taggalaxy.de.

Disclosure: Quintura is one of the sponsors of AltSearchEngines.

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