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Top 10 Russian Web Startups of 2008

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Posted by: Quintura @ 12:11 [22. 12. 08]

We at Quintura would like to introduce top 10 Russian internet startups of 2008.

The list includes startup internet companies from Russia, which launched new online services and raised venture capital funding in 2008.

1. WomanJournal.ru, leading women-centric online site, raised EUR 6 million from Ventech Capital, XAnge Capital and AGF Private Equity.

2. KupiVIP.ru, online shopping club, raised several million dollars from Mangrove Capital Partners, ABRT Fund and Arlan.

3. Tvigo (Tvigle.ru), online TV community and content production, raised $8 million from Moscow Venture Fund (Allianz Rosno Asset Management).

4. EZtalk, mobile call-back service operator, raised $4 million from VTB Venture Fund.

5. Mobile Direct, mobile internet advertising solution provider, raised several million dollars from Ru-Net II.

Mobile Direct

6. MoySklad (LogneX), online inventory management solution provider, raised seed round from Ambient Sound Investments.

7. MirTesen.ru, location-based social network, raised $5 million from Finam.

8. JS-Kit, social application widget provider, raised $3.6 million from Altos Ventures and TEF3.

9. EnterMedia, in-game advertising solution provider, raised first found from Mangrove Capital Partners and ABRT Fund.


10. Evernote, provider of electronic note applications, raised $5 million from Troika Venture Fund.

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