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Digital Sky Technologies Invests in Russian Real Estate Service WinNER

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Posted by: Quintura @ 09:57 [30. 01. 09]

When I was looking for an apartment in Moscow more than a year ago, I was able to find one and pick it up before anyone else saw it in other sources thanks to WinNER. This service has now received fresh funding to expand its database offerings to web users.

The leading Russian internet investor, Digital Sky Technologies (DST) acquired 20 percent in WinNER, an operator of subscription-based real estate database, reported newspaper Vedomosti. According to the paper, DST could have invested some $0.5 million.

Founded in 2000 by Yuri Bikuzin, WinNER reports more than 10,000 subscribers. It is the most popular database among real estate agents in Moscow and its region, Russia’s largest real estate markets. More than 40,000 new offers per day are submitted to the database. The database has most up-to-date real estate information as compared to classifieds newspapers and real estate web-sites.

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