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Quintura Awarded Interactive Search Display Patents

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Posted by: Quintura @ 01:27 [17. 03. 09]

We are at Quintura, a leading visual search engine that provides a visual-based site search, analytics and monetization platform for online content publishers, today announced the awarding of the U.S. patents. Quintura now holds Patent No. 7,475,672 for context-based search visualization & context management using neural networks and Patent No. 7,496,548 for neural network for electronic search application. Quintura is the only fully-interactive, context-based method for search visualization on the Web.

These patents demonstrate exactly what sets Quintura apart from the rest of the search engine market. This technology allows us to enhance user experience dramatically by displaying context-based search results in a dynamic fashion, while giving users the power to instantaneously manage their search to improve the relevance and accuracy of their search.

These are Quintura’s second and third patents derived from more than a decade of research in the area of neural networks and their application to search technology. The first U.S. patent, awarded in October 2008, recognized Quintura’s proprietary search engine graphical interface – an approach that has been proven to improve the contextual accuracy and relevance of search results using neural networks.

The consumer magazine brands Cosmopolitan, ComputerBild, Russian Newsweek, Hilary Magazine use Quintura to power visual-based site search on their magazine web-sites. Among its new enterprise (corporate) site search customers is Solvay Pharma. Over 2,000 online content publishers have registered to use the site search solution from Quintura.

Quintura Site Search includes online search analytics and display (banner) ad-insertion option for ts affiliates on http://affilites.quintura.com.

Quintura Site Search is free for web publishers through an advertising revenue-sharing agreement and is also available on a subscription basis.

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