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Quintura Site Search Enchances Search Cloud View and Banner Insertion

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Posted by: Quintura @ 20:10 [7. 04. 09]

We have added several new features and enhancements to Quintura Site Search including:

• New Mini-Cloud Settings – settings for search results display,
• Banners – an interface to enable embedding images within search clouds.

New Mini-Cloud Settings

Display search results under the Quintura search widget. If this parameter is disabled, the widget will have no search results displayed and users will go directly to the full-size Quintura search cloud on a separate site page by clicking a word in the widget’s search cloud.


If a mini-cloud has search results displayed, the other parameters shall be set to open the full-size search cloud by Clicking a word or Clicking a result. On the full-size search cloud the selected search result will have a detailed annotation.


In tests, the favicons and banners that are embedded in the Quintura search clouds attract user interest to site search and have a higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR). The Quintura affiliates that embed its site search now have the option to associate images (banners) with search terms.

This feature enables web publishers to accompany a search query with a favicon, which, when mouse-overed, will expand into a banner (see an example on http://affiliates.quintura.com/). The banners can also be displayed as the first result on a separate search engine results page. The favicons and banners are added in the Banners section of the administration page at affiliate publisher’s online account.

Quintura cloud banners

To try new features, embed Quintura Site Search for your site via http://affiliates.quintura.com

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