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Quintura Relaunches its Quintura.com Search Destination Homepage

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Posted by: Quintura @ 16:09 [15. 04. 09]

We are announcing the re-launch of our search destination homepage, Quintura.com. The new user homepage on Quintura.com simplifies access to visual-based search engines offered by Quintura such as web search, site search and kids-friendly search.


The new ‘look & feel’ of Quintura.com is fueled by demand from Quintura users including online publishers, web masters and search engine industry professionals.

Quintura has been recently awarded three U.S. patents for its search engine graphical interface and context-based search visualization using neural networks. In addition to engaging users, the Quintura patented search technology powers interactive search solutions, such as customizable search terms and the ability to populate the Quintura search cloud with contextual images and banners.

Quintura works with consumer magazine publishers, individual site publishers and corporates to power visual-based site search on their web-sites and offer a tag cloud-based search widget. Over 2,500 online content publishers have registered to use the hosted site search service from Quintura, which includes online search analytics and display (banner) ads-insertion option for its users.

The monthly audience of Quintura Site Search exceeds 10 million site users. Quintura Site Search is free for web publishers through an advertising revenue-sharing agreement and is also available on a subscription basis.

Try the new Quintura out for yourself on www.quintura.com

About Quintura

Founded in 2005, Quintura offers a patented, visual-based search technology for web search, site search and ‘vertical’ search applications. Quintura works with web publishers and online content owners to provide an easier and more relevant in-site search experience. Quintura operates Quintura Kids is a safe, fun and easy-to-use search destination for younger Internet users.

Quintura, Inc. is a U.S. company with software development offices near Moscow, Russia. The company is funded by Mangrove Capital Partners.

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