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Quintura Releases Search Cloud With Pop Up Search Results

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Posted by: Quintura @ 22:36 [3. 09. 09]

We have released a new design of Flash widget for Quintura Site Search. The widget looks like an interactive tag cloud. However, the site search results will pop up when users click a tag.

The block with site search results is made dynamic in order to help your site users pay more attention to a search cloud.

The block is hidden until users mouse over or click any word/phrase in the cloud.

Then the respective search results will pop up below the search cloud.

The number of search result links and annotations can be changed in Publisher account settings on Quintura site for Affiliates.

We believe that this feature will improve user experience and increase a number of search result clicks.

If you need help with implementation of Quintura search cloud for your site, please write us to publisher at quintura dot com.

To try this new feature, please check the site search widget in the left sidebar on this blog.

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