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S-Group Ventures Invests $2 Million in Nano-Optic Devices

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Posted by: Quintura @ 04:46 [23. 09. 09]

Nano-Optic Devices, developer of digital planar holography technology to produce optical devices on a single nano chip, has raised more than $2 million from S-Group Ventures, according to Prime-TASS.

Founded in 2007, Nano-Optic Devices employs a team of 17 scientists in offices in New Jersey, USA and Moscow region, Russia. Nano-Optic Devices’ founder and CEO Vladimir Yankov, who invented the digital planar holography technology, was a principal scientist with the Kurchatov Atomic Energy Institute in Moscow. He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) and worked in areas of theoretical physics including nuclear fusion, plasma and nonlinear physics.

The Digital Planar Holograms developed by Nano-Optic Devices are as small as a few cubic millimeters and can be coupled directly with a fiber, a ridge waveguide, and/or a detector array. This results in a dramatic reduction in size and weight of a spectrometer, integrated on a chip.

S-Group Direct Investments fund (SGDI), which is under the management of S-Group Capital Management, is a controlling shareholder of Nano-Optic Devices.

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