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Half Of Seedcamp Week 2009 Winners Come From Eastern Europe

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Posted by: Quintura @ 06:09 [25. 09. 09]

Out of six winners of European startup program, Seedcamp Week 2009, three ones come from Eastern Europe: Branient (Romania), Codility (Poland) and Erply (Estonia). Each winner received $50,000 investment for 5%-10% of the company. Seedcamp Week 2009 selected 6 winners out of 21 finalists from about 1,500 applications. Here are the winners.

Branient is a London and Bucharest, Romania-based developer of Veevid, online video monetization platform for online video publishers.

Codility is a Warsaw, Poland-based developed of online-based tool for accessing programming skills. Founded by Tomasz Błaszczyk, Greg Jakacki and Tomasz Walen, Codility has customers in China.

Erply is a Switzerland and Estonia-based developer of ERP, inventory management and invoicing software for small and medium-sized businesses. The company already has paying customers.

The other Seedcamp Week 2009 winners are UK-based web-server monitoring tool Boxed Ice (Server Density) and personal health care management service Patients Know Best as well as Jordan-based online comedy community for Arabic world, Talasim.

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