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Naspers Acquires Leading Brazilian E-Commerce Group BuscaPe

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Posted by: Quintura @ 11:18 [29. 09. 09]

Naspers, which owns a 43% stake in Russia’s leading online portal, Mail.ru, has acquired 91% shares of leading Brazilian e-commerce group BuscaPé.com for $342 million. Being the owner of the leading pan-European e-commerce platform Allegro and Ricardo (Tradus), Naspers obtained a diversified e-commerce business in Latin America.

Started as online comparison shopping business in 1999, BuscaPé provides those shopping solutions to more than 100 portals and web-sites in Latin America, including Microsoft, Globo and Abril. It generates lead-referral revenues from online merchants and other listing providers. BuscaPé recently acquired a competitor, Bondfaro.

BuscaPé also operates free-classifieds network QueBarato, electronic payments Pagamento Digital, affiliate advertising network Lomadee, e-commerce research business eBit, fraud risk assessment service FControl, and other e-commerce services.

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