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Avatar Confirms Russia’s Box Office’s Second Largest Worldwide

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Posted by: Quintura @ 16:50 [23. 12. 09]

I watched the Avatar movie, in 3D last night. It’s awesome. “There are movies, there is Avatar“, says my friend. I fully agree. For the first time, Russia has brought the highest box office sales over the first weekend internationally (after the U.S. and Canada) with $20.8 million, ahead of France with $20.3 million and the U.K. with $14.1 million. The Avatar box office totaled $242 million worldwide over the first weekend, a new opening record for a non-sequel movie.

Filmed by Titanic director James Cameron and released by News Corp.’s 20th Century Fox, Avatar opened on more than 1,320 cinema screens in Russia including some 350 screens with 3D. Avatar is expected to break Russia’s box office record with over $60 million in total sales.

In 2008, the Russia’s box office reached $830 million.

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