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Allianz Rosno Invests $5 Million in Seismo-Shelf

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Posted by: Quintura @ 07:14 [19. 01. 10]

Allianz Rosno Asset Management venture capital fund New Technologies has invested $5 million in sea seismic survey technology company Seismo-Shelf, the asset management company reported.

Based in St. Petersburg, Seismo-Shelf (Сейсмо-Шельф) offers integrated software and hardware complex for seismic survey of the sea shelf called “dense seismic on sea floor“. The technology was developed in sea seismic survey company EMMET and spun-off into Seismo-Shelf in 2009.

Seismo-Shelf uses four autonomic self-surfacing sea floor stations: a hydrophone and three geophones. Compared to traditional sea seismic technology that measures for-and-aft waves, Seismo-Shelf also measures crosscut waves and thus increase amount of seismic information. The Seismo-Shelf technology is expected to be used by oil and gas companies to develop sea shelf deposits in Russia.

New Technologies (Новые Технологии) is 3,061 million ($100 million) Moscow-based venture capital fund that was formed in January 2009 with the investments from the Russian Venture Company (RVK) and MBRR. The fund is managed by Allianz Rosno Asset Management (Альянс РОСНО Управление Активами).

In 2008, Allianz Rosno invested $8 million in online video company Tvigle Media.

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