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Cocktail to Friend is Most Popular Russian Social Network Application

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Posted by: Quintura @ 08:56 [28. 01. 10]

The Russian social network application on Vkontakte.ru when a user can send a virtual cocktail to a friend called “Cocktail to a Friend” (Cocktail2Friend) has become the most popular social network application in Russia. Vkontakte is Russia’s #1 social network with over 59 million registered users. It released API for social games and other applications last year.

Launched in May 2009, Cocktail to a Friend (или Коктейль Другу in Russian) has over 8 million registered users with over 2 million daily users.

In December 2009, Mars’ candy bar Twix was promoted online in Russia using the Cocktail to a Friend application. Over 20 million virtual cocktails with Twix and Twix flavors were sent out by the users of Vkontakte social network in first two days after start of the promotion. The Cocktail to a Friend social network application is developed by Catalyst Apps.

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