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Russian Social Games Company Drimmi Discloses 4M Funding; Releases First Game

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Posted by: Quintura @ 22:00 [19. 02. 10]

Launched in autumn 2009, the Russian social games startup, Drimmi announced last month that it raised funding from Mangrove Capital Partners and ABRT Fund with goal to become #1 Russian social games company. The amount of funding was not disclosed at that time. Today, Drimmi launches its web-site that offers some details on the company. The name “Drimmi” comes from “Dream”.

Drimmi recently released its first social game, Рыбное Место (Fish Place). The game, which is about fishing, is available for playing on Vkontakte, the biggest Russian social network with over 60 million registered users.

Nikita Sherman, Founder & CEO of Drimmi (pictured to the left) said in an interview to BFM.ru last week that Drimmi raised $4 million from Mangrove Capital and ABRT in the first round.

He also said that the company will need the second round before it will enter global markets, likely at the end of 2010. Based in Moscow, Drimmi already opened two games development offices in Russian regional cities of Bryansk and Tolyatti.

Meantime, Facebook and Zynga investor Yuri Milner, who is CEO of largest Russian internet investor DST, said he has $1 billion to invest in social media outside of Russia.  Next ones may be Twitter and Foursquare.

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