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Quintura URL Info – New Android Application

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Posted by: Anton @ 07:19 [31. 08. 10]

We have released a new application for Android devices

Quintura URL Info is a small and useful app (just 80 kB) that runs in the background mode while you surf the web on your mobile phone.

When you are going to follow a link, you could never be sure to get exactly what you wanted. It’s not a problem if you’re sitting at home or in your office with a laptop / desktop with broadband internet connection and limitless traffic. But if the same thing happens with your mobile device, then you surely wish to get what you want.

That is exactly the reason behind the release of Quintura URL Info. You click on the link and our application analyzes the page you are going to visit and offers you the page summary. It saves you an expensive mobile traffic (some tens of kilobytes per page) and an upload time (the page with all pictures). Besides the page contents, you can view the saved traffic and keywords highlighted on the page by Quintura.

The application is available on Adroid Market for 0.99


Quintura URL Info

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