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Android Market statistics: See Devices and Countries for Quintura Cook installs

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Posted by: admin @ 16:13 [21. 03. 11]

With Android app stores launched by Amazon, Vodafone, MTS and others, Android Market statistics for your apps is becoming very important.

The statistics of Android Market is now being updated daily with information on installs, OS versions, devices, countries and languages.

Top devices for Quintura recipe search app, Quintura Cook, are Motorola Droid X (with 9.1% of installs), HTC Evo 4G (8.4%), Samsung Galaxy S (GT I9000) (6.8%), HTC Droid Incredible (6.8%), Motorola Droid (6.6%) and HTC Desire (6.0%).

HTC represents 23.4% of the app installs, Samsung Galaxy S accounts for 18.2% of installs and Motorola Droid – for 15.7% of installs.

Top countries for Quintura Cook (see a screenshot to the left) are United States (with 63.7% of the app installs), Russia (10.9%), United Kingdom (7.5%), Ukraine (1.5%) Belarus (1.4%), Germany (1.3%), and Australia (1.2%).

The English-speaking countries represent 75% of all installs, while the Russian-speaking countries account for 14% of all installs of Quintura Cook.

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