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RUSNANO to Invest $4.5 Million in BiOptix Diagnostics

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Posted by: admin @ 10:13 [25. 03. 11]

The Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO) has made its second investment abroad after Plastic Logic. RUSNANO led $9 million Series B funding for Boulder, Colorado-based BiOptix Diagnostics by investing $4.5 million in the round. Other investors included Boulder Ventures, Peierls Foundation, and several private investors.

Founded in 2003, BiOptix Diagnostics makes label-free biodetectors. Its bio-nanosensors are glass substrates covered with precision metallic and biofunctional nanofilms. The enabling technology for the BiOptix instrument was developed by Dr. John ‘Jan’ Hall, Professor Adjoint of Physics at the University of Colorado, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2005.

With RUSNANO‘s investment, BiOptix plans to set up a Russian subsidiary, BiOptix Nanoprom to produce its disposable bionanosensors and create an R&D presence including partnering with researchers at Bionanophysica and other institutions in Russia to develop novel applications for its customers.

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