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Russian Online Coupon Service Biglion Funded by ru-Net

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Posted by: admin @ 02:02 [25. 03. 11]

The venture capital vehicle of Leonid Boguslavsky called ru-Net II has invested in online coupon service Biglion. Yet another Groupon copycat joined a list of recently-funded Russian discount purchasing services such as  Vigoda.ru, KupiBonus.ru and Darberry.ru (now Groupon Russia).

Launched in March 2010, Biglion.ru offers daily coupons for local merchant services in major Russian cities.

The other Russian online coupon services include Boombate, DailySmiles, CityRadar, BILLKILL, Мой Купон, ELLBERRY, WeClever, С купоном,  Discount-today, ГлавСкидка, МЕГАКУПОН, Скидка ЕСТЬ!, and ИзюмГорода.ру.


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