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RUSNANO to Invest in Memory Manufacturing JV with Crocus Technology

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Posted by: admin @ 09:13 [17. 05. 11]

The Russian nanotechnology investment company RUSNANO has made a total commitment of ca. $140 million (3.8 billion Roubles) to invest in MRAM (Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory) manufaturing company in Russia, Crocus Nano Electronics (CNE), a joint-venture with Crocus Technology of France. The CNE company will manufacture medium to high density MRAM products based on Crocus‘ Thermally Assisted Switching MRAM technology at 90nm and 65nm lithographies.

RUSNANO together with Crocus Technology‘s existing investors CDC Innovation, Ventech, IDInvest Partners, NanoDimension, and Sofinnova Ventures will make an equity investment of $55 million into Crocus. In addition, some $125 million will be invested in the first year for setting up CNE‘s MRAM facility in Russia. In subsequent years, some $120 million is expected to be deployed to increase production capability of the MRAM facility.

MRAM (Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory) is a new type of memory technology which combines traditional semiconductor and advanced magnetic technologies, resulting in memory chips that offer the benefits of well-established semiconductor memories, such as DRAM, SRAM, and Flash, without their key limitations.

Crocus Nano Electronics‘ 90nm and 65nm manufacturing capability will enable Crocus to offer much higher density MRAM devices than ones currently available on the market. The products to be manufactured by CNE will be marketed and sold worldwide by Crocus, excluding Russia and other former CIS states, while CNE will market directly within Russia and the former CIS. Crocus products sourced by CNE will address such markets as storage, mobile communications, networking and cloud computing. In addition to general purpose memory applications, Crocus’ MRAM technology will serve specific uses in smartcards, network processing, biometric authentication, near-field communications (NFC), and secure memory.

The deal between RUSNANO and Crocus Technology is the second multi-million dollar technology transfer investment for RUSNANO in less than a year after Plastic Logic.

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