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Afisha Rambler Launches Rambler-Fund for Online Start-Ups

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Posted by: admin @ 10:45 [21. 06. 11]

After NASDAQ-listed Yandex launched its Yandex.Factory start-up investment initiative in early 2011, the other major Russian online companies such as London-listed Mail.ru Group and ProfMedia-owned Rambler aimed to respond. The united company of Afisha and Rambler has launched its own start-up investment program called Rambler-Fund.

Rambler-Fund (Рамблер-Фонд) plans to invest up to $100,000 (3 million Russian Roubles) in online start-ups for a time period of between 6 months and 1 year. The start-up has to have a business plan and prototype.

Rambler-Fund will seek to invest in start-ups in online media, online shopping, personal communications, and online business solutions.

The Russian online start-ups will now have another funding source after ABRT Fund, Runa Capital and  Russian Venture Company‘s seed fund.

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