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Afisha Rambler to Acquire Kanobu Network, IGN.com for Russia

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Posted by: admin @ 03:19 [30. 06. 11]

The united company of Afisha and Rambler, which recently re-branded itself and launched Rambler-Fund for online start-ups, has agreed to acquire a majority stake in the Russian online gaming information net Kanobu Network operator Online Media from Kite Ventures of Edward Shenderovich and Kanobu founder Gadgi Makhtiev, announced Rambler.  The deal could be valued at $3.5 million, according to newspaper Vedomosti. Gadgi Makhtiev remained a minority shareholder at Kanobu (Online Media)

Founded in 2008, Kanobu Network operating company Online Media attracts a total of more than 3 million unique monthly users at Kanobu.ru, OGL.ru and GamesLife.ru. Kanobu Network‘s annual revenues, which come mostly from advertising, are estimated at $1 million.

Combining web-sites of Kanobu Network with Rambler‘s own gaming destination site games.rambler.ru with 1 million monthly visitors, Rambler will have more than 4 million unique monthly visitors for online gaming and become a top 3 online gaming destination in Russia.

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