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Mangrove Capital-Funded Evertale Helps Save Your Life

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Posted by: admin @ 10:20 [23. 02. 12]

When a major stake in Evernote was being bought out by Sequoia Capital, someone in Denmark was quietly developing a web service to go a step further. Forget about saving notes. Save your life, instead. With a seed funding from Mangrove Capital, Copenhagen-based Evertale has launched its mobile and online service that helps save your life.

The confirmation comes from Mangrove Capital partner Mark Tluszcz who tweeted about Evertale as well as from Evertale‘s answers on Quora.

Evertale, which works “in the background”, maps your life’s journey. Available for Android phones, Evertale saves what you do and places that you visit. The Evertale service currently asks for a registration on the Evertale website.

Founded in 2010, Evertale is headed by founders’ team CEO Francesco Patarnello and CTO Matteo Danielli.

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