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Top 30 Russian Internet Companies (Forbes)

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Posted by: admin @ 06:38 [27. 02. 12]

The Russian online advertising market has been valued at well over $1 billion per year. The online ad spendings exceeded both print and outdoor ad spendings. Now, it’s time to rank Russian internet companies. One has been done by Forbes in Russia that has released a list of top 30 Russian internet companies. The online site Forbes.ru ranked the Russian internet companies by their revenues in 2011. Here are the top ten.

1. Yandex ($690 million) – search engine and search & contextual advertising

2. Mail.ru ($515 million) – display and contextual advertising, online games and social services

3. Utkonos ($300 million) – grocery sales

4. AnywayAnyday ($189 million) – airline ticket booking and sales

5. OZON.ru ($184 million) – online shopping mall

6. Holodilnik.ru ($166 million) – online shopping of white goods

7. KupiVIP.ru ($160 milion) – online shopping club and e-commerce platform for Russian retailers

8. Vkontakte ($152 million) – social network services

9. RBC ($150 million) – display advertising and social services

10. Biglion ($140 million) – daily deal services

The other top Russian internet companies include Wildberries ($129m), Afisha Rambler ($110m), Wikimart ($90m), Utinet.ru ($80m), Vigoda.ru ($54m), Boutique.ru ($42m), Mamba ($41 million), Game Insight ($40m), KupiKupon ($40m), WebMediaGroup ($40m), IT Business: Bolero.ru and 003.ru ($40m), Innova Systems ($36m), SUP Media ($36 million), Alawar ($30 million), Sapato.ru ($26 million), Zeptolab (Cut the Rope) ($24m), OneTwoTrip ($22m), InTouch Insurance ($20m), irr.ru ($20m), and Avito.ru ($10m).

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