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Archives for March 2012

The Iceman Meets The Ice Bird of Angry Birds Space

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Posted by: admin @ 07:54 [22. 03. 12]

Lotus F1 Team driver Kimi Räikkönen has become an ambassador of Angry Birds Space, a new game from Rovio. “The Iceman meets The Ice Bird” its slogan says. 2007 Formula One World Champion Kimi Räikkönen, who now drives for the Lotus F1 Team, will be spotting an Angry Birds design on his team cap during [...]

Oktogo.ru Raises $10 Million From VTB Capital, Mangrove Capital And Ventech

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Posted by: admin @ 04:24 [20. 03. 12]

The leading Russian online hotel booking and travel site Oktogo.ru has announced that it raised $10 million from VTB Capital, Mangrove Capital Partners, Ventech Capital and ABRT. Russia’s largest bank VTB asset management arm VTB Capital was the lead investor in the round. The new investment will be used to expand Oktogo.ru‘s hotel database in [...]

Seedrs Wins Startup Competition at London Web Summit

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Posted by: admin @ 12:14 [19. 03. 12]

The London-based Seedrs has won the Startup Competition at London Web Summit (LWS) today on March 19, 2012. The four startup finanlists who presented on the main stage of LWS were integrating dashboard for cloud-based apps BusyFlow, BoxCryptor, Seedrs and Six3. The runner-up was BusyFlow. Seedrs “An online platform for investing in startups. Seedrs will [...]

Yandex New TV Ad Campaign: Answers For All Occasions

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Posted by: admin @ 13:47 [15. 03. 12]

While Google is going to provide more direct answers to users’ queries, the leading Russian search engine, Yandex, has launched a new advertising campaign on major Russian TV channels called “Ответы на все случаи жизни” (Answers for all occasions). The competition for Russian search market share between Yandex and Google should be heating up.

Wikimart Raises $30 Million From Tiger Global And Others

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Posted by: admin @ 00:23 [14. 03. 12]

Top 30 Russian internet company, Wikimart has raised $30 million from Tiger Global and financial investor from Russia. Tiger Global, which owns a majority stake in Wikimart, invested $18 million.The Russian online mall Wikimart.ru was valued at $50 million pre-money. As a result, Tiger Global will own 55% of Wikimart while the founders will own [...]

Yandex.Navigator, Free Mobile Navigation App from Yandex

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Posted by: admin @ 05:00 [13. 03. 12]

The leading Russian search engine company Yandex has released Yandex.Navigator, a free satellite navigation app for iPhone/iPad and Android with turn-by-turn voice directions in Russia and Ukraine, the company announced. Yandex already has Yandex.Maps and Yandex.Traffic apps. Yandex.Navigator app is based on the mapping service Yandex.Maps which continually updates its content providing drivers with up-to-date [...]

The Russian Tech Billionaires on Forbes List

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Posted by: admin @ 14:19 [11. 03. 12]

There are two tech billionaires from Russia on Forbes list of the World’s Billionaires. According to Forbes Billionaires list, Valentin Gapontsev has a net worth of $1.1 billion and Yuri Milner has a net worth of $1 billion. Dr. Valentin Gapontsev founded IPG Photonics in 1990 when he was 51. In the 1990s, Dr. Gapontsev [...]

Glossybox Gets Funding From Access Industries

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Posted by: admin @ 14:18 [8. 03. 12]

Samwer brothers’ Rocket Internet-launched Glossybox has raised funding from Access Industries of Len Blavatnik. As a result, Access Industries obtained a 7% stake in GlossyBox. Its shareholders include Rocket Internet (57.5%), Kinnevik (24%), and Holtzbrinck Ventures (5%). Similar to BirchBox in the U.S. and JolieBox in France, Glossybox sends its subscribers a box with samples [...]

Happy Women’s Day: Top 10 Russian Female Internet Entrepreneurs

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Posted by: admin @ 06:52 [7. 03. 12]

March 8 is Women’s Day in Russia. The holiday has been first celebrated in St. Petersburg. It was 99 years ago. Here is a list of top 10 Russian female internet entrepreneurs: 1. Marina Kolesnik, founder and CEO, Oktogo.ru (leading Russian hotel booking and travel site) 2. Natalya Kaspersky, founder and CEO, InfoWatch (internet security [...]

Will Russian Yelp, Tulp Benefit From Yelp IPO?

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Posted by: admin @ 09:59 [2. 03. 12]

The local reviews’ site Yelp has raised $107 million at ca. $900 million market capitalization at IPO on NYSE. The market cap increased to over $1 billion at IPO day. Launched in 2004, Yelp made revenues of $83 million from, mostly, selling ads to local businesses in 2011. Yelp has 66 million monthly unique visitors. [...]

UMJ (Russia) to Invest in Teamo.ru, Online Dating Service

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Posted by: admin @ 06:59 [1. 03. 12]

The Japanese venture capital firm, UMJ Russia Fund has led a new funding round in Russian online dating service Teamo.ru. Including initial funding, Teamo.ru received more than $2 million, of which UMJ (Russia) likely invested $1 million. The new investment will be used for marketing purposes to increase brand awareness and number of users. UMJ [...]

Russian Eventbrite, TimePad Is Funded by Afisha Rambler

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Posted by: admin @ 06:00 [1. 03. 12]

The Russian online population is now more than 55 million. The online ad spendings were $1.4 billion last year. Looks like it’s a good time for copycat business models to emerge. While Eventbrite and Amiando are busy concurring online event registration and ticket sales markets in Europe and the U.S., here in Russia their competitor [...]

Yandex to Invest in TimeBooker, Online Service Booking Platform

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Posted by: admin @ 05:42 [1. 03. 12]

Yandex, via its Yandex.Factory (Яндекс.Фабрика) startup funding initiative, has invested in TimeBooker, online booking of different services, according to Yandex blog. Yandex first met the founders of TimeBooker at WebReady startup event in St. Petersburg last December. Yandex decided to invest in TimeBooker because of its unique service cost calculation model and strong founding team. [...]