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Top 5 Books About Quintura

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Posted by: admin @ 13:44 [27. 11. 12]

The Quintura visual-based search engine (www.quintura.com and www.quinturakids.com) has been in more than twenty books publsihed over the past five years, according to Google Book Search. Some of those books include:

1) Search User Interfaces, Marti A. Hearst, Cambridge University Press, 2009

From the book:

“The Quintura search engine shows term suggestions in a 2D map layout, or “cloud,” where related terms are shown near one another but arranged somewhat arbitrarily. Mousing over a suggested term causes the others to shift away, and additional similar terms to appear near by.”

2) The Art of SEO, Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, Jessie Stricchiola and Rand Fishkin, O’Reilly Media, 2012

From the book:
Quintura provides a fun, interactive tag cloud interface, which makes it an excellent place to start. Alongside the tag cloud sits a traditional search results page. You can use this visual tag cloud to see word relationships that you may otherwise have overlooked. You can also negate words and phrases from your search query. During this process, just let the tag cloud continue to reshape and reveal word connections.”

3) An Introduction to Internet-Based Financial Investigation, Kimberly Goetz, Gower Publishing, 2011

From the book:

“Instead of simply providing a list of search results, Quintura looks for other words that appear in the results. It then suggests those words to help you refine your search. Although sites like Google and Ask.com may suggest terms based on previous searches, Quintura suggests search terms based on your initial results.”

4) Research Strategies: Finding Your Way Through the Information Fog, William Badke, iUniverse Publishing, 2011

From the book:

Quintura uses keyword tag cloud word size to indicate relative prominence of concepts within its hierarchy. Quintura‘s gitsy slogan is “We are not afraid of Google!”

5) The Web and Parents: Are You Tech Savvy? Judy Hauser, Libraries Unlimited, 2009

From the book:
Quintura Kids is a search web site with a graphic-friendly interface.
Topics are searched using either the search box or the subject cloud. Place the cursor on a general subject, and related subtopics pop up.”

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