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Quintura Kids To Gain As Yahoo! Kids Goes To Deadpool

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Posted by: admin @ 10:43 [14. 05. 13]

Quintura‘s kids-friendly search engine Quintura Kids is gaining momentum because of various factors. One reason is an increasing usage of an universal iOS app of the web service. The other could be the fact that Yahoo! has terminated its kids directory Yahoo! Kids for good.

The Quintura search engine for kids has made it easier for children to tap a search word instead of typing it into a search box of a regular search engine. Besides, a search query can be easily refined with a tap after a search is made.

Quintura Kids gets 83 percent of its web-site visitors from secondary schools in the US, according to web analytics. The other site visitors come mostly from the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Hong Kong. The search engine for kids is based on a web index of kids-friendly web-sites.

Noteworthy, Quintura Kids has a Russian version at kids.quintura.ru

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