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Excursiopedia Wins Startup Battle at TechCrunch Moscow 2012

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Posted by: admin @ 10:06 [10. 12. 12]

The internet conference TechCrunch Moscow was held on December 9-10. After a demo day yesterday, six web startups made presentations at so called ‘Startup Battle’ today. Here is some description of those startups (in order of presentations). Excursiopedia won the Startup Battle at TechCrunch Moscow. TeamLab – cloud office, including html5-based online document editors, collaboration [...]

Russian OTAs Keep Booming; Raise New Funds

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Posted by: admin @ 06:04 [4. 12. 12]

Being one of the fastest-growing economies of the Russian internet,  the online travel market in Russia is set to increase to $7 billion in 2012, according to PhoCusWright (via CNews). Two of the Russian online travel agencies (OTAs) have just revealed new funding rounds. The Russian online hotel booking site Oktogo.ru is receiving a new [...]

Top 5 Books About Quintura

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Posted by: admin @ 13:44 [27. 11. 12]

The Quintura visual-based search engine (www.quintura.com and www.quinturakids.com) has been in more than twenty books publsihed over the past five years, according to Google Book Search. Some of those books include: 1) Search User Interfaces, Marti A. Hearst, Cambridge University Press, 2009 From the book: “The Quintura search engine shows term suggestions in a 2D [...]

Yandex.Search for iPad – Yandex iPad App Goes Live

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Posted by: admin @ 10:10 [15. 11. 12]

Instead of having an universal iOS app, the leading Russian search engine Yandex has decided to release an iPad app. The Yandex iPad app is now available on the iTunes App Store. Using Quintura’s once-said words of making ‘web search quickly and easily’ and ‘intuitive user interface’, Yandex claims that its app “helps users effectively [...]

Yandex Makes Flight Search Available Above Its Search Results

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Posted by: admin @ 22:42 [11. 11. 12]

The online flight search is hot. The Russian flight search site Aviasales.ru plans to raise VC. Kayak Software is acquired by Priceline. Skyscanner pays its way to be listed in Baidu search results. Google shows flight search data from ITA Software, it acquired in 2010. Yandex, which develops and operates the leading search engine in [...]

Russian Deal Round-Up: Fab (VTB Capital), Vyatta (Almaz), Mangrove (Moscow)

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Posted by: admin @ 09:19 [11. 11. 12]

Oktogo.ru and FastLane backer VTB Capital and Phenomen Ventures have invested $15 million in Fab, online retailer of designer products as an extension of $120 million Series C round. The round was announced in July 2012. Reportedly valued at $600 million post-money, Fab.com has 8 million monthly visitors. It expects sales $150 million in 2012. [...]

Yandex Begins Offering Real Time Bidding (RTB)

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Posted by: admin @ 12:24 [9. 11. 12]

The leading Russian search engine company Yandex has begun offering Real Time Bidding (RTB). That includes behavioral re-targeting. For now, display (banner) ads with re-retargeting settings can be displayed on partner sites of Yandex Advertising Network, incluing geo-targeting options. When a user visits a website with a display ad within Yandex Ad Network , a [...]

ClipClock Receives $2.5 Million From Runa Capital

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Posted by: admin @ 17:27 [7. 11. 12]

Yet another Pinterest-like online service, now for videos, ClipClock has received $2.5 million from Runa Capital, a Moscow-based venture capital firm. Previously, it was financed with $200k from Igor Ustinov, founder of Buka gaming company and $50k cash grant from Microsoft in Russia, according to newspaper Vedomosti. Founded in 2011, ClipClock helps to share videos [...]

Powered by NAVTEQ data, Yandex.Maps Quietly Goes Global

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Posted by: admin @ 22:10 [5. 11. 12]

Yandex, the leading search engine in Russia with 60% search market share in the country, has quietly released its popular online mapping service Yandex.Maps at its global search engine destination site Yandex.com. There is no link from its homepage yet. For now, Yandex.Maps is available, if visit directly, at maps.yandex.com. It says that its route [...]

IMI.VC Got $75 Million From Mail.ru Investor Mikhail Vinchel

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Posted by: admin @ 23:02 [28. 10. 12]

One of Mail.ru Group‘s early backers, Mikhail Vinchel has invested $75 million in IMI.VC, a mobile application investment company of Igor Matsanyuk, the company announced on its web-site. The other Mail.ru Group‘s early investor Gregory Finger joined IMI.VC as Chairman of the Board. The Board of Directors of IMI.VC venture company consists of Gregory Finger, Mikhail [...]

Russian Deal Round-Up: Eruditor (Intel Capital, Runa), KupiVIP (MCI Management)

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Posted by: admin @ 03:43 [25. 10. 12]

Intel Capital and Runa Capital have invested $4 million in Eruditor, that operates several web-sites that help book specialist labour. Launched in 2006, Eruditor Group manages online work-for-hire labour marketplaces for doctors, beauty masters, tutors, and others. Eruditor was founded by CEO Egor Rudi and CTO Sergey Kuznetsov. The Central European private equity firm MCI [...]

Onetwotrip Raises $16 Million From Atomico

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Posted by: admin @ 15:09 [23. 10. 12]

The interest in Russian online travel market is heating up. In March 2012, online hotel booking service Oktogo.ru raised $10 million from VTB Capital and Mangrove Capital Partners, the first institutional investor in Skype. Today, Skype founders’ venture capital firm Atomico invested $16 million in Onetwotrip, an airline ticket sales website, reported newspaper Vedomosti. The [...]

iiko Raises $6 Million From Leader Innovations

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Posted by: admin @ 23:45 [22. 10. 12]

The Russian venture capital firm Leader Innovations has invested $6 million in iiko, a restaraunt ERP and loyalty program software vendor. The VC investment valued iiko at $16 million pre-money, reported newspaper Vedomosti. Leader Innovations has an option to invest an additional $4 million in iiko in one year. The new investment will be used [...]

Kuznech Wins IDCEE Startup Competition

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Posted by: admin @ 15:27 [20. 10. 12]

IDCEE 2012 start-up competition has been won by Kuznech, a Russian web start-up. Kuznech got EUR 15,000 cash prize. The other Russian startup Flocktory got the 2nd place and EUR 10,000 in cash. The Czech start-up realPad was named the 3rd at IDCEE 2012 startup competition and won EUR 5,000 in cash. Kuznech helps to [...]

Rambler To Acquire 50% of Begun, Russian Contextual Advertising Company

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Posted by: admin @ 02:46 [16. 10. 12]

Rambler Media, part of the Russian internet media group Afisha Rambler, has acquired the remaining 49.9% stake in Begun, a Russian contextual advertising company. Rambler bought out the stake in Begun for ca. $15 million from Finam, valuing the company at ca. $30 million, reported newspaper Kommersant. In 2004, Finam acquired Begun from its founding [...]

Europe’s Best Facebook Hack, BoostMate Comes From Moscow

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Posted by: admin @ 13:36 [15. 10. 12]

BoostMate, a Russian web startup that won the Facebook World Hack in Moscow on October 1, has been named Grand Prize Winner. The team of BoostMate won a trip to Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, CA where it will meet with Facebook engineers. The two other Grand Prize Winners are Paperclip.io from Taipei and ChainedStory [...]

Russian Deal Round-Up: Domosite.ru (Runa Capital), Deezer (Access Industries)

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Posted by: admin @ 12:43 [9. 10. 12]

DomoSite, a Russian cloud-based service for households, has raised $1 million from Runa Capital, an international venture capital firm. Based in Yekaterinburg, Domosite.ru has 20,000 households as paying subscribers. Previously, DomoSite has raised seed funds from Projector Ventures of Leonid Volkov. Launched in October 2010, Domosite.ru was founded by Ilya Korobeinikov. Spotify‘s archrival Deezer of [...]

In Moscow, Facebook Developers World HACK and Mark Zuckerberg

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Posted by: admin @ 09:21 [30. 09. 12]

On October 1, 2012, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is meeting Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of Russia. Facebook is also holding World HACK in Digital October in Moscow on October 1. At Facebook Developers World HACK, the Facebook engineers will walk software developers from Russia through developing Facebook social apps. Facebook Developer HACK in [...]

Yandex CEO Arkady Volozh Named GQ Man Of The Year 2012 In Russia

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Posted by: admin @ 15:45 [22. 09. 12]

Yandex founder and CEO Arkady Volozh has been named GQ Man Of The Year 2012 in Russia. Volozh also won GQ Bisinessman Of The Year 2012. The award ceremony for GQ Men Of The Year 2012 was held last Friday. In 2008, GQ Russia named Odnoklassniki.ru social network founder Albert Popkov as Businessman Of The [...]

Ben Mezrich’s Busting Vegas Hero Semyon Dukach Talks Startups

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Posted by: admin @ 11:45 [17. 09. 12]

The rational thinker, once known as ‘Darling of Las Vegas’, Semyon Dukach has given a video interview to the Russian audience tonight. The leader of the MIT Blackjack Team back in the 1990s, Semyon Dukach, says he has been keen developing his intuitive thinking while advising web startups. Semyon has grown up in Moscow, moved [...]

Russian Deal Round-Up: Oktogo, Lamoda, ivi

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Posted by: admin @ 03:28 [16. 09. 12]

The leading Russian online hotel booking site Oktogo.ru has been named the best Internet service of the National Geographic Traveler Awards 2012. Launched in 2010, Oktogo.ru offers over 3,000 hotels in Russia and 250,000 hotels worldwide. The service is funded by Mangrove Capital Partners and VTB Capital. The announcement was made at a ceremony held [...]

Aport Bought For a Song; Relaunched as Product Comparison Shopping Engine

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Posted by: admin @ 06:52 [30. 08. 12]

One of the Russian search engine market pioneers, Aport has been sold out for $150,000 to Andrey Bronetsky, Managing Director of Mamba, a leading online dating platform service in Russia. The news was reported by RBC Daily. The newspaper says that he and his partners would invest an additional $350,000 into Aport, which has been [...]

Moscow City Day Gets New Symbol For 865th Anniversary of Moscow

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Posted by: admin @ 05:47 [21. 08. 12]

The city of Moscow will celebrate its 865th anniversary on September 1-2, 2012. Moscow City Day has a new symbol, according to the Department of Culture of the city of Moscow. Created by the famous Russian contemporary artist Erik Bulatov, the new symbol of the Moscow City Day contains the slogan “The Best City on [...]

Russia’s Federal Agency For Tourism Reveals New Brand and Logo of Russia

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Posted by: admin @ 01:17 [13. 08. 12]

The Federal Agency for Tourism of Russia (Rostourism) has announced a new brand identity of Russia for tourism including new logo and slogan. The new logo says MyRussia (Моя Россия). Its slogan is Reveal your own Russia (Открой свою Россию). MyRussia visual identity is written in colors of the Russian flag where “My” is handwritten. [...]

FastCompany Names The Russian Internet All-Stars

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Posted by: admin @ 00:37 [8. 08. 12]

Fast Company has named the Russian Internet All-Stars such as DST Global (investing), Biglion (discounts), Yandex (search), Oktogo.ru (travel), Kaspersky Lab (security), ZeptoLab (gaming), Niginx (cloud computing) and SUP Media (media). See a list below. INVESTING DST Global Name to know: Yuri Milner, CEO The Russian Internet entrepreneur (he helped build Mail.ru, the Russian web [...]

Moscow-Based Runa Capital and Prostor Capital Back Infratel, Click-To-Call Service

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Posted by: admin @ 13:20 [7. 08. 12]

Two Moscow-based venture capital firms Runa Capital and Prostor Capital have invested $3 million in Infratel, a cloud-based telephony company for small business owners, the company announced. Infratel offers a ‘click-to-call’ service for Facebook pages called Infra Cloud Receptionist ClickConnect for Facebook. It also offers a similar service for web-sites. Based in Seattle, Infratel is [...]

Mail.ru Group To Pay $795 Million Dividend

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Posted by: admin @ 23:15 [6. 08. 12]

Russia’s leading internet company Mail.ru Group will pay a total of $795 million (or $3.8 per share) in a special dividend to its shareholders this month, the company announced. In May 2012, Mail.ru Group sold $857 million worth of shares in Facebook at its IPO. As at 31 March 2012, Mail.ru Group had net cash [...]

Kayak to Enter Russia, Poland, Portugal and Brasil

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Posted by: admin @ 23:35 [5. 08. 12]

KAYAK Software Corp., which completeted IPO on NASDAQ last mointh, has entered Brasil, Portugal, Poland and Russia, the company announced on its blog last Friday. KAYAK hired a former pizza delivery service executive and acquired the rights for the kayak.ru domain name before officially entering the Russian market. For now in beta, kayak.ru’s flight search [...]

Oktogo.ru Competitor, Svyaznoy Travel to Launch Online Hotel Booking

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Posted by: admin @ 23:08 [1. 08. 12]

Valued at more than $7 billion in 2012 and growing 50%+ per year, the Russian online travel market keeps attracting new entrants. After Kayak and Travel@Mail.ru, one of Russia’s leading retail chains, Svyaznoy, which sells mobile phones, notebook computers, cameras and respective accessories, has launched online hotel booking service at its travel site, Svyaznoy Travel [...]

Yandex Second Quarter 2012 Financial Results: 50% Year-on-Year Revenue Growth

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Posted by: admin @ 06:39 [31. 07. 12]

Today, the leading Russian search engine company Yandex (NASDAQ: YNDX) announced its unaudited financial results for the second quarter of 2012 ended June 30, 2012. Yandex completed $1.4 billion IPO on NASDAQ in May 2011. In Q2 2012, Yandex reported revenues of RUR 6,801 million ($207 million), up 50% from Q2 2011, operating income of [...]

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